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Why do you pack the lettuce in a plastic clamshell?
First, it brings our lettuce to you in perfect condition without broken or damaged leaves, like the day it was picked. All usable leaves means the ultimate value for you.

Second, our clamshell (we call it a mini-greenhouse) becomes a micro-environment, extending its life. That makes it the longest-lasting lettuce on the market.

Third, and more importantly for you, our clamshell acts as a safety barrier around the product.

Why do you leave the roots on?
To keep it alive! The roots provide a source of food for the plant. This keeps the leaves greener and fresher longer than lettuce harvested conventionally.

Does the lettuce need to be washed?
We use integrated pest management and deter harmful insects from contaminating our lettuce. However, washing produce before consumption is a good practice that we endorse.

Is the clamshell recyclable?
We’re proud to say that our clamshell is made from recycled plastic materials and is 100% recyclable after use.

What does hydroponically-grown mean?
Hydroponic growing techniques are soil-less and use water to transport nutrition to the plant. Our process uses nutrient-enriched water flowing through a channel to feed our lettuce the perfect combination of nutrients required for vigorous growth. Of course water quality is key and we operate our own ground water resource that is filtered with a combination of reverse osmosis, mechanical filtration, or sterilization at several stages in the growth cycle.

We also carefully monitor our greenhouses, regulating temperature, humidity and light levels. We enhance CO2 levels and extend Winter daylight so our lettuce grows at the same optimal level year-round. Optimal nurturing at each phase of development allows us to offer the finest, best-tasting, longest-lasting lettuce in the world.

Are all your products grown in the USA?
Yes, all Live Gourmet brand products are grown, harvested and packaged in our greenhouses in Carpinteria, Calif.