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PMA Impact Award 2011
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Butter Lettuce with the roots attached
We sell all of our products with the roots attached so you and your family are buying the freshest lettuce and leafy greens available!

You actually pick the leaves from a living plant, right in your own kitchen. It's our hydroponic growing methods that help make it possible.

All of our products are grown in greenhouses in Carpinteria, California. Indoor crops are protected from outside elements, reducing the possibility of contamination. Our elevated growing channels keep our crops from ever touching the dirt, so they stay much cleaner than field-grown crops. Learn More About Clean Farming >>

Butter Lettuce grown in greenhouses
Hydroponic growing is a Green process because it uses much less water per plant than field-grown crops do. We also take recycling to the next level by using recycled materials in our packaging and recycling everything possible in our production process. Learn More Commitment to Sustainability>>